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What is Okamoto Medical Fund?


Okamoto Medical CenterI, Dr. Shingo Okamoto, who was an Associate Professor of Nara Medical University at that time, had a young doctor Selim Reza, MD from Bangladesh, while researching and teaching endocrinology and metabolism.

He was an excellent doctor, and when he finished his 4 year fellowship study, he rejected an expensive offer from Saudi Arabia, insisting that he would like to work for the medical services in poor country where he was born.

As I worked with him, I learned that the medical service of his country is extremely incompleted and a lot of poor people still remain medically unsupported, therefore, I established Okamoto Medical Fund with a hope to be of any help to those people in poverty.

The fund sponsors the establishment of medical facilities (Okamoto Medical Center) , a pharmacy (Okamoto Pharmacy) and a mango garden (Okamoto Mango Garden ) adjacent to the facilities. The family of the patients who cannot afford the medical fee can work at the Okamoto Mango Garden.

Dr. Selim Reza will be the director of the fund and the clinic. As the initial establishment cost is returned to the fund, a new Okamoto Medical Center will be build in a neighbour village where there is no medical facilities with a doctor.

Okamoto Medical Fund


The purpose of this fund is to provide a medical support in developing countries, especially to realize a medical treatment for the people who cannot pay the medical fee because of the poverty.

Prof. Shingo Okamoto, Nara Medical University

Okamoto Medical Fund

Mohammad Selim Reza, MD Bangladesh House No: 13, Ward No: 1 Lane 2, Road no: 1 Last Merul, Take Para, Badda, Dhaka

JANATA Bank Mouchak Marked Branch, Dhaka Bangladesh

The System of Okamoto Medical Fund

system of Okamoto Medical Fund

Okamoto Medical Fund has established a clinic, a pharmacy and a mango garden adjacent to them. The family of the patients who cannot afford the medical fee will work at the Okamoto Mango Garden adjacent to the facilities, while the profit is contributed to the facilities to buy medicines.

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