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Okamoto Medical Fund

The Okamoto Medical Fund is a fund to support medical activities for the people in poverty in the developing countries. The fund was established under the sponsorship of Dr. Shingo Okamoto (Visiting Professor of Nara Medical University).

As the initial establishment cost is returned to the fund, a new Okamoto Medical Center will be established in a neighboring village without a doctor with the same system used.

Dr. Shingo Okamoto on Local TV in Japan on Jan. 18, 2012.

Dr Okamoto on TV


On June 2018, Dr. Shingo Okamoto contributed a X-ray system to Bangladesh.

(The speech for the ceremony.)



Okamoto Medical Fund。 Okamoto Medical Fund
The Okamoto Medical Center Established in Bangladesh Dr. Reza and a Pharmacist in the Waiting Room of the Clinic
Okamoto Medical Fund Okamoto Medical Fund
The Okamoto Mango Garden Adjacent to the Medical Center Women planting Young Trees of Mango

The Project of the Okamoto Medical Fund

Okamoto Medical Fund

The fund sponsors the establishment of medical facilities (The Okamoto Medical Center) and pharmacies (The Okamoto Pharmacy) to support them to help themselves. The patients whose families cannot afford their medical fee could work at the Okamoto Mango Garden adjacent to the medical facilities and pay it by their labor. This is the system how the gains from the Mango Garden should be contributed to the Medical Center to buy some medicine.

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